A Week To Bake A Cake

I have a week to bake a cake well not exactly a week but it is pretty close. I don’t know what kind of cake to bake or where to start. I just will half to see what I can come up with. I know many people would say baking a cake is easy, but I have never baked a cake and let’s just say I am feeling over whelmed about the whole task ahead. We’ll let me tell you how I got myself it to this situation. It all started with one of the managers retiring and her last day being next Monday. We are having a surprise party for her next Friday.
We were all assigned duties by picking straws, of course I got the shortest straw for baking a cake. I think there was some cheating because everyone was snickering when I got the shortest one. I guess I am the one that got suckered into making a cake for her last day. Well I need some help what type of cake I should make?
They did say she has three favorite cakes… German chocolate, red velvet, and carrot cake; I have a poll that will be due at the end of the week. I half to get started on the cake next week… I need help!! No one at work could decide on a flavor. They are still bickering over other surprises they would like to do. What a crazy week ahead. I will be bugging you guys the whole week to vote…


Lets Go Nut Butters Lets Go

Even though I have not been eating whole nuts I have added them to my diet by incorporating more nut butters. It has become much easier to control portions of nuts when in butter form… I had stop eating nuts for a while because they were very high in fats and fats are higher in calories per gram. This can pack the calories on pretty quickly since I am not one to ever use portion control when it comes to nuts.
You’re supposed to only eat a handful of nuts. Who can only just eat a handful without wanting more? I would say more like a bowl of nuts needless to say I have a nut problem. How many times can I say nuts in this post? I don’t know I am obsessed :). It’s easier to control nut butters because they are much more satisfying. They can also be added to bread, fruit, vegetables, and much more.
This week’s challenge will be what neat and creative things I can do with nut butters… Let the nut butter extravaganza begin… Starting with breakfast: Almond butter and Banana on toast…

Food, Clean Eating

Food, Clean Eating

Food shots which one looks better?