Too Many Teas

My tea obsession maybe getting out of hand I would say. From my stand point just a bit but I think my boyfriend would say otherwise. I guess when you see boxes and boxes of tea overflowing in the cupboard it can become too much to handle. What can I say I am becoming more obsessed with tea. I have a different flavor every morning before work and when I get home I have my favorite flavor. I love peppermint tea I just love it.

I also have acquired a taste for green tea. With all the benefits of green tea who would not want try to acquire a taste. Green tea can be very bitter when you first try it. With the weather being so hot I do prefer to drink my teas cold. While I am not a fan of cold and bitter green tea I will mix it with another tea. That way I can enjoy the benefits and the flavor. The flavor I have been drinking with green tea may come second to peppermint. I also have been drinking a powder green tea that I will blog about later I want to give it a week to see if I notice any difference.

Funny tea story: Now that I am able to drink tea without any sweetener I sometimes enjoy green tea alone especially when it’s cold. We have a pretty nice tea selection at my job. One of my co-workers who had never tried green tea decided she would love to try some with me to see if she enjoys it. While I was sipping mine and doing my work I notice her and another co-worker looking at me with sour faces. It was funny because they looked like sour grapes that could not understand why I would drink something so foreign to them. Apparently the tea was to bitter for their taste buds.


I add another green tea bag to this tea and it does not change the flavor..