My New Motivational Hook

Have any of you ever seen the show Extreme makeover weight-loss edition? Is anyone obsessed with Chris Powell like I am? Someday I would like to meet him I would so excited (warning); I may begin acting like a crazy thirteen year old girl meeting my teen idol!!
Extreme makeover weight loss edition keeps me glued to the TV. I have watched both seasons more than twice and the second season is not even over. The show is such a motivation for anyone who is starting a weight loss journey or needs just a little push when you’re in a rut.

When I see the struggles they go through just to do very simple things that come easy to me. Most of it is second nature. Putting on clothes takes away all there energy even going to the bathroom has its complications. I know the show has had me in tears most episodes .However it’s a great journey to watch probably go on. The struggle it takes to become healthy and loose very bad habits that can be harmful to your health.

The show motivates me to work out even when I don’t feel like it (I know we all have those days) at least I am able to run and jump without having such a hard time trying to catch my breath. When I am in the grocery store and am in desperate need of something salty I always want a bag of chips, but then I hear Chris Powell’s voice in the back of my head. Do you really want to eat that? I usually pick up an alternative to chips.. The funny thing is when you eat junk or process foods you forget what it tastes like, but you still have that guilt about eating them an hour later.

It’s a great show and I am hooked I may have had a little crush on Chris, but if you ever watch the show you know how tuff Heidi can be and I don’t want to mess with her. Chances are I may half to run 15 miles while doing sumo squats at the same time.


Morning Decisions

This morning I had to make a huge decision between oatmeal and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I choose to eat oatmeal since I wanted to have a sandwich for lunch. It was a very hard decision but it had to be done since I was in such a rush. When you sleep through your alarm and you need to work out before heading to work. Decisions half to be made quickly; it’s been such a long time since I have had a bowl of nice warm oatmeal.
I guess I am ready for winter to come, but winter is not ready to come to Arizona the highs are 101 and not getting any cooler. I know my appetite may increase since we are approaching the cooler seasons. I am hoping that does not happen because that can quickly pack on the pounds. In order for me not to pack on the winter pounds I am going to find ways to keep me motivated. With all the festivities and holidays approaching it’s going to be difficult to resist without having a little motivation.

Chia Bar

I ate the other one before I did my sprint workout.. I made chia bars I am obsessed with chia seeds..

Breakfast oatmeal

Breakfast oatmeal

Breakfast oatmeal

More food porn for ya! My morning breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, silk almond milk, 1 tsp of date syrup, and one banana.

Which photograph do you like better of the oatmeal?? My favorite is the middle one..