My take on Food Porn

Is anyone obsessed with food porn like I am? Who knew a dirty word could be so yummy and delicious at the same time. Food porn looks oh so good! It has become more of an addiction for me at this point. I sit and look at food picture for hours while my mouth is watering. I feel so sinful sometimes just gawking over all the luscious pictures. I know a lot of people see it as a problem to sit and lust over food pictures for hours. I have talked to some of my friends who feel bad for lusting over food pictures. I always tell them they shouldn’t be. I don’t even consider them pictures anymore I consider it art. I am so fascinated with food art.
I love photography it can capture some of the most beautiful moments you may only be able to see once, and when you add food into the mix. Oh boy I feel as if I am in food heaven. I know some art makes me jump right up and want to start cooking. I sometimes try and make some of the dishes I see, and well let’s just say they never come out looking as sexy as the dish that I saw. They taste great but they just don’t look great. I sometimes get a little frustrated but practice makes perfect.
The time and effort that is put in to making and creating the recipe and then capturing food in such a magnificent way is so fascinating to me. I just can’t help but say it again “that looks oh so good.” I want to learn how to create food pictures just as exceptional so my food will look just as mouthwatering. I only have a point and shoot camera for now I think I can get some great pics with it. I am going to save so I can get a dslr; someday I will get my pictures to look just as sexy and gorgeous.

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My breakfast carrot granola, banana, and almond milk.