Calorie Struggles

I had an interesting conversation with one of my co-workers apparently I am starting to show some changes. She asked me what I have been doing I told her that I have become more health conscious not to say that I never have been. I just learned how to take better control of my portions and what I eat on a day to day basis. Well as we were talking it led to a lengthy discussion about counting calories. In that moment I realize that I had stopped counting calories for almost three weeks. I was kind of concern that maybe I could be over eating.
I Had to know if I was lucky for me yesterday was a holiday and I remembered everything I ate. I calculated everything I ate and went over about 300 calories. I don’t consider that over eating but if my daily intake is about 1600 went way over. That’s when panic set in for a while I set there worrying about all the work I have done has gone to waste.
Well I did my totals for today and I did not go over at all. I finally realize that it’s ok to sometimes have an off day. Besides most if not all of the foods I ate Monday were nutritious.
I am not giving myself excuses but at least they were good calories. I know my body was thanking me for feeding it properly. I am starting to listen to my body even more, and I realized that if I am full I do not need to eat and if I am hungry I should eat. Except for when I am not hungry but I want to eat that’s when fruit comes in handy. One thing I did not forget to do was workout. I am learning that workingout is a part of my life just like eating properly.

Monday Workout:
4 sets 8 reps: Bicep curls, dumb bell press, hammer curl, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and crunches.
60 second split plank
5 reps up down plank

One thought on “Calorie Struggles

  1. Once the habit of not eating too much settles the constant need to count calories is not needed as much because you’ve learned to portion your foods and chose foods with low calorie count. But it is always good to check ourselves once in a while. well done…portion control is something not to many ppl do.

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