Busy Tuesday

Today will be a very busy day for me. I will be at work most of the day, and since I am still half asleep or at least I feel half a sleep. I need to find a pick me up to get me going in the morning. I did sprints for my workout today and oh boy! I could barely do my last sprint but I did push myself. It was a pick me up for a bit, but I need a jolt! I know breakfast is a must but when you are press for time and about to run out the door. It can sometimes be very difficult to eat healthy when your rushing lucky for me I have a solution. While doing sprints I boiled an egg, I used my granola bars I made for snacks as a breakfast bar, and I had packed a nice big juicy nectarine. That’s how you make a quick breakfast healthy and easy.

Healthy Food

They crumbled when I took them out of the pan I think they were to dry..

Right after work I half to head to school and finish registering for fall classes so I just may be there all day. I will pack some carrot granola as a snack to keep me fueled until dinner time. I am adding more seeds instead of nuts to my diet because they are very high in calcium and low in calories per serving. Being lactose intolerant does not mean you can’t get calcium, you just half to find alternatives to dairy.


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