Guilt Free Ice Cream

Thanks to menus of a mom I decided to go ahead and try Arctic Zero Ice-cream. The store carried about four different flavors. I choose maple vanilla you can never go wrong with vanilla. I really was surprise at the amount of calories in the ice cream. It has about 37 calories for every ½ cup and for the whole pint it is 150 calories. I was excited to purchase it my draw back was the price. It was about 6.00 dollars for a pint of ice-cream; which can be a deal breaker. However I think the price is was worth the ice-cream. If you are watching your weight and lactose intolerant this is a great alternative. I kept asking myself how they did it with every spoonful I ate. I did eat the whole pint guilt free. It was very yummy however I am still in the market for an ice-cream maker, and now that summer is almost over it seems they are going down in price. I am very

Guilt Free Ice Cream

Guilt Free Ice Cream

Guilt Free Ice Cream

Amateur food porn..

Guilt Free Ice Cream

More food porn I am obsessed I hope I get better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Guilt Free Ice Cream

  1. Awesome! Glad you found it and liked it! I haven’t seen maple vanilla. $6, wow! I can’t remember how much I paid, but it doesn’t seem like it was that much. Though I may have just been jonesin’ for some ice cream at the time and blind to the price tag… 🙂 I guess it will have to be for only special occasions to splurge on!

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