Wrapping up the Weekend

Just finished up the rest of the meals for the work week ahead; I like to make most of our breakfast and lunch meals in bulk. Lately I have been making most of our weekly meals on the weekends; to get ready for the busy work week ahead. It can be a struggle but I find it more convenient then having to do it during the week. While making breakfast for the week coming up; I decided that I wanted to try to make fruit roll ups for the first time. I miss eating yummy fruit roll ups but they have too many added sugars. The natural ones can get pretty expensive. That’s why I decided to try to make fruit roll ups. Let’s just say when it stops smelling like fruit roll up it’s time to take it out of the oven. Even though I burned the fruit leather I realized that I am starting to love cooking and baking again. Most of my time is spent in the kitchen creating new recipes and obsessing over recipes online.
When I moved to Arizona I stopped cooking most of my meals because they had electricity as the main source for ovens and stoves. Growing up in California your use to having gas as your main source for ovens and stove tops. It was a hard transition for me for the first year I burned almost everything. The only thing I did not burn was a pot of boiling water. So you can pretty much guess what I ate for the first year and a half. I felt like I was giving up on cooking. I am happy I did not because I would not be able to cook the yummy meals I do today. The fruit leather did not fair to well but I will try again. I would love to buy a dehydrator I am looking for an in expensive one that would get the job done. This would give me more time and room in the oven to bake other yummy treats.

Fruit Leather

Before I put it in the oven.. Strawberry and Raspberry… 🙂 Lets just say I could not photograph the outcome..