Stolen Bike

I have had a very long day yesterday. I thought it could never happen to me but it did my bike was stolen!!! Speed racer my favorite bike was stolen. My very first and only hybrid road bike was taken from me. I was so upset when it first happened I didn’t know what to do except cry, so I cried and walked home and cried until I got home and then I called my boyfriend. Well let’s say that conversation didn’t go to well apparently it was my fault and I had no reason to cry. The only reason I took it to work was because I was going to ride another 10 miles after work. I was running late for work I was so in a rush, and not thinking I locked it to a tree and ran to work. After work I didn’t see it so that’s when the crying started. We called the police they wrote a report and took down the serial number. The officer explained to us that we would probably see it on craigslist in a couple of days or next week. When I heard we would see it on craigslist my first thought was I am going to go get my bike. That wasn’t a possibility so I will be stalking craigslist bike sales. I am totally on the lookout for it making sure I give the cops a call. I am very hopeful I will get it back. We live in a pretty small town so I really don’t think it could have gone that far; as long as it does not end up in phoenix I am ok! I am just happy I have another bike to ride to work. I really love riding it is a big part of my life now and I can never give it up. I will keep you guys up dated on the case. Please keep your fingers cross 🙂


No calorie noodle.. What!!!

I know miracle noodles are really popular and I have been dying to try them. I never got the chance to until I found a noodle that was not miracle noodle, but they were similar to them at the local Asian market. They are called shirataki or yam noodles almost zero calories and fat free. The bags I bought were 3oz per serving 0 calories.. I bought a couple of bags since I am in love with all sorts of noodle dishes. With these noodles you get more bang for your buck and they don’t taste bad either. I would say they taste like those dried noodles in the packages with the sodium container; expect they have absolutely no flavor. Once I open the package I wasn’t prepared for the dead fish smell I got. The smell alone kind of made me not want to eat them, so I boiled them in some water and the smell was gone. I had leftover noodles so I put them in a glass container with the leftover fishy water. I love these noodles they are quick and simple. If you had a busy day and don’t feel like cooking, just through them in a pot of boiling water and add sauce some vegetables and you have dinner.

One cup of yam noodles, cabbage, tahini, red bell peppers, and garlic… Was yummy mmm…

Healthy, Skinny, Fit button

Losing weight can be a very frustrating game of wait hope pray and despair. I like to call it the patient game, you patiently weight for the pounds to go away while “anxiously” stepping on the scale every week. I wish there was a fit button you could push and make the weight go away. If I had a fit button I would use it on my two most annoying body parts. I would love to zap my thighs and arms away with the fit button. They are huge and seem not to be going anywhere. If I had to choose between the two I would probably pick my thighs they are bigger then my arms. I can tell you my back fat is shrinking rapidly. I always wonder when you lose weight how come the parts you don’t want to shrink always shrink first! What’s up with that! Do any of you have body parts you wish would leave first?  I have so many goals about losing weight and sometimes I feel if I am over reaching. I want to be healthy I want to be skinny, but how do I know thin would be the right body type for me?  What if it doesn’t look right? I was never thin as a child, so will I ever have a thin body frame. Can skinny be the only healthy body type when there are so many body types. How come the 6’0 guy at work is very athletic build super muscular and about 220 he doesn’t look obese he looks fit. How come he is considered obese? I know I am over weight and I need to lose weight; however I wonder if being so focus on the scale is the key to my weight loss. I really am confused about this, so I will be giving this a lot of thought. I will be updating you on my finally decision about me and the scale.

Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;… and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man.

– James H. West

Yoga Sunday

Good morning everyone! Don’t you just love Sunday it’s a day to relax and get ready for the work week ahead. With school and work during the week; it seems Sunday is the only day that I get to do yoga for a full hour. Today we will be trying yoga with a fitness ball this will be a new experience for me. Has anyone ever done yoga on a fitness ball? If so was it challenging? I love the way yoga makes me feel; after my practice I feel complete and at ease. Yoga tends to clear the mind of worries and fear the way cardio does but with less sweating. I love the deep meditation at the end of the practice. I have learned when you meditate the mind does not half to always be clear of thoughts. It’s ok to think when meditating it helps you learn to clear your mind. I have been doing yoga for about four months now and I can say that I more limber then when I first started. I am also at peace with myself, and would encourage all of you to at least try it once. I guarantee you will fall in love with yoga like I did :). Today’s yoga forecast in sunny AZ is cloudy at 90 degrees. I love cloudy so this is perfect weather too me even at the very warm temperatures.

                                               His and her fitness balls yes I do force my boyfriend to do yoga with me! Its ok he will thank me later 🙂

Fusion Water

Hello Everyone! I hope you guys love water as much as I am trying to love it! Well as you may know water is something that you have to acquire a taste for, and well I am getting there. I am just having trouble going all the way 🙂 ; lately I have been flavoring my water with tea. I call it fusion water. It tastes way better then plain water. I sometimes add a little honey about one tablespoon for 3 liters that I drink for the day. I seem to love teas. I was at the mall and stopped buy a neat little tea store name Teavana. Has anyone ever heard of it? They had some nice samples I tried all the sugar free ones of course and I found two I loved. Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate and Apple Lemon Pomegranate. I am in love with the raspberry riot it tastes just like raspberry lemonade with a twist. The apple lemon not so much too much spice for me. I guess it’s a fall flavor; I will save it for fall and maybe I will love it. I can say this is a new way to make water a little more satisfying on the taste buds.