The Easiest Veggie Burger

I would like to give you guys the easiest veggie burger I love it… The reason why it’s so easy because it has no tofu and does not consist of any bread crumbs are eggs just some simple things you can find in the kitchen. It is also quick very time efficient for the days when you are on the go…I tried Quinoa  for the easiest veggie burger and it’s a super food. I did not have time to make buns I got home very late from work so I just kept it simple. They are yummy moist and flavorful and did not dry out. Oh did I mention the easiest veggie burger ever :).

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Veggie Goodness 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Almost time to mix

The Easiest Veggie Burger

This can get very messy 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

All done 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger
I am ready for my close up 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Finished product

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Loaded tower of Veggie Goodness 🙂


1cup of quinoa

2 cups of black beans

2 cups of oat flour

½ cup of corn

1 big red yam or sweet potato

3 mild chili peppers

½ onion

½ tbsp. cumin

½ tbsp. coriander

½ tbsp. mild chili powder

½ table spoon of olive oil.

Directions: Boil a pot of water and add quinoa to the pot; while the quinoa is boiling chop up onions, chili peppers and sweet potato. Put the sweet potato in a bowl and microwave for about four minutes or until soft. Sauté the onions, chili peppers, and corn in olive oil until onions and chili peppers are translucent.  Smash the beans and sweet potatoes together make sure they still are chunky to get a firm hold for the burgers. Once the quinoa is done drain it from the water and put it in a bowl add the remaining ingredients to the bowl add the spices last. Stir really well make sure all the ingredients are in cooperated. Form into patties with hands and bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes.

Substitutions: You can substitute quinoa for rice I just like quinoa it’s quick so it does not take forever to boil. I used beans that were cooking in the crock pot that I put on before I went to work; if that is two much you can always use two cans of beans or one. If you do not have oat flour you can always use rolled oats it will not change the flavor. This recipe was made for veggie burgers in bulk, so we have enough for work meals next week. I made about 14 patties you may get more or less. My patties were medium size. Now about salt I really did not use that much salt, and everyone has a different preference for salt. I would adjust the salt to your taste buds. I hope you Enjoy 🙂

The Easiest Veggie Burger

Dinner is served.. I was eating the chips as I was taking the photo sorry I had one.. I made those too 🙂


Vegetarian Week

I have not eaten any meat the whole week, and all I can say is Wow!! I am not claiming to be a vegetarian. I just have not found meat that I actually want to eat. I am looking for grass-fed meat and chickens that are raised in a safe environment. If it’s been in a feedlot it’s not for me. However being a vegetarian can have its benefits. I have been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and I have been very creative in the kitchen lately. I have been feeling under the weather lately, and just got enough energy to actually tell you guys that I have a recipe for you… I really am excited since it is my first recipe ever and I am not really one to love the kitchen. I am a get in and out type of girl when it comes to the kitchen, but lately I have been in the kitchen all the time and it takes time to get out.

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So lately we have been eating these veggie patties all week; they are so easy, simple, and yummy you can eat them alone are with bread. They are very delicious I am taking these to work, and will have the recipe with lots of pictures for you tonight. I am going to make potato chips and burger buns.  The boyfriend loves them and has been taking then to work the  past two days. I also did yoga today I am going to try and do yoga three times a week; once a week is just not enough for me anymore.

Naturalista Haul Update: I have gotten great emails from a lot of you and most of you would like me to review natural lotions, so I will be on the lookout for some all natural lotions. It’s really fun to think what I can find I hope it does not take me a very long to find any lotions that smell wonderful.

Naturalista Review, Haul

So I know many of you have heard of shoe hauls beauty hauls and hair product hauls; all sort of hauls that people go and grab a bunch of neat stuff. Well I decided to call the things I find when I go places a Natulista haul. I will review a product and see if it is worth your money or not. It can be whatever you like nail, hair, makeup products. Even though I love food and most of my reviews will be about food. I am open to everything in between :).

I know you have seen a lot of my food reviews and I am learning if I can’t make it or bake it; I better understand it when I am reading it. That’s my new motto. Lately I have been in the grocery store so much I mean hours at a time reading a label making sure it’s worth my money. I want to help you guys as well especially for all of you clean eaters who want to live a healthy life style. There are a lot of alternative products out there for the stuff we love. The problem is you just have to hunt for it. Sometimes you don’t have the time to read through labels it can be very annoying. So if you have a favorite product you are wondering if there is an alternative for let me know… You can email me at, or you can just leave me a comment :). Whichever works best for you…

Bringing out the Kid in Me

My obsession with homemade English muffins has worn out, and I guess breakfast this morning will be simple and yummy. I consider myself a big kid sometimes I guess that’s why my sister thinks I look twelve, but who doesn’t want to bring out the kid in them every now and then. I find it keeps me grounded and humble. I guess everyone finds a way to bring out the kid in them. Do any of you love kid cereals as much as I do? Remember Saturday when you would wake up and watch TV with a big bowl of cereal? I loved peanut butter captain crunch and it has always been my favorite. I don’t eat it anymore its high in sugar and very processed. I have been craving peanut butter cereal lately; I found the exact same cereal except a healthy version with less sugar and it’s organic. They were sweet not to sweet just a little after taste be careful they are very additive. The ingredient list is very short, and I understand the ingredients on the label. It’s an all-natural cereal so I its naturalista approved :). If you have kids they will love this cereal , or if you’re a big kid like me you will love this cereal. Bonus its gluten free if your kids have a gluten allergy or you have a gluten allergy.

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I used unsweetened Silk milk I love fruit with everything 🙂

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All natural, Naturalista approved 🙂

Meatless Update: Dinner was a veggie stir-fry it was yummy. I am lucky that my boyfriend is not complaining about where’s the beef! It has been very easy for me not to eat meat I am amazed. I am still looking for grass-fed meat. I am getting off work early today so I will be making black bean burgers.

Popsicle Relief or Not

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My obsession with ice cream is getting even worse! I guess as it gets warmer my taste buds are craving the sensation of something cold, sweet, and refreshing. I am praying for an ice cream maker. I will see if I can get one soon and start experimenting with flavors and recipes. I bought these oh so delicious fruit popsicles that melted before I even got home. I guess that’s what 113 will do to you with no relief in sight. I did try one it was very sweet tart no after taste. They taste just like a strawberry with a tad bit more sweetness… They were all natural according to the label. I would say at least I understood what was in it. My conscious did not bother be when I decided to purchase them. I would try them again and only 45 calories… I doubt they were Gmo. I would defiantly say the popsicles are Natulista approved :).

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Can’t take the heat 🙂

Fruit, Popsicle , Food, Life

Morning Workout Snack

Morning Workout Snack

Pears, Grapes, and Cherries Love summer fruit 🙂






Today seems to be one of those busy days were I am just on the go. I had my morning workout snack and after I did my workout I had breakfast. Yes breakfast what’s not any meat. This has been pretty easy for me not to eat me I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t I wonder if I will have with draws from not eating meat. Sometimes I don’t eat in the morning before my work out and I have less energy.

I had just the right amount of energy and finished my workout in an upbeat mood.  Of course my breakfast was premade. It really makes things so easy for me to get up and get going. What do you guys do to get your energy up in the morning before a workout? Do you have an early morning workout snack? Let me know.

Bicycle Update: My Boyfriend saw my bike on craigslist and of course not thinking decides to call the guy, and let’s just say he was very hotheaded about the situation. Next thing I know the ad was taking down and we have not seen it on craigslist yet! I have faith it will pop up again.  This all transpired last night of course I was nowhere to be found. I have a funny feeling it will pop up again I hope J

Drink Coconut Water

It’s been so hot and humid good grief will this heat ever let up!! When I checked my phone this morning it was 117! Omg I think it’s time for me to move into the freezer until October. So tell me are you excited to be Naked because I know I am; for drinking coconut water of course :).

Drink coconut water

Drink coconut water

I live at the grocery store now, ever since Saturday and it takes me forever since I read through almost every label. When I found coconut water I was just coming home from work, and needed something to drink since all my water was gone. Normally I would have gotten a low calorie Vitamin water, but all those ingredients that I could not read and the serving size is double. I went for the safe choice. I fell in love it’s like an alternative to water (hence the name) it’s refreshing and quenches your thirst. I love coconut water I found another alternative to regular water and fusion water yay!! The bonus is its very high in potassium and I have been working on getting my potassium levels up since they are pretty low. It comes from the young thai coconut and I am looking for one, so I can compare them and see which one trumps in taste. I am on a quest to find a young thai coconut. I hope they have some at my local grocery store I am on the lookout.. 🙂  This was only 60 calories.

Drink coconut water

Drink coconut water 🙂






I also wanted to show you my dinner Its been cooking in the crock pot all day..

Meatless Monday

who says you need meat I think not.. 🙂

Start the Day Right

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope everyone got up to start the workweek, you better believe I wasn’t I wanted to stay in bed in extra 10 minutes. I got up and started with my early morning strength training for 25 minutes. I am going to start planking everyday my time now is 30 seconds each day I will add one second everyday.

My morning breakfast was a little different today I usually have a bowl of oatmeal and go, but today I had my English muffins I paired them with banana and peanut butter. Who says you need meat on your muffins it was yummy without it. The muffins were kind of thin and fell apart, but next time I make them I will add something to make them fluffy. I also had some yummy mint tea it was very refreshing. This is how to start the day.

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Protein, Fat, Carb, Fruit. Complete 🙂

New Look on Food`

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Nutrition and working out is one in the same and I finally understand that. It has been a major roller-coaster for me and I think it is becoming even more interesting as I go. I don’t know if many of you have heard of the movie Food Inc. (yeah I know I am late). This movie blew my mind and kept me up all night it really disturbed me. I am very compulsive as many of you know and I sometimes do things without thinking; yesterday was one of those nights after watching the movie I decided to throw everything out of my fridge and start all over. Which lead to another trip to the grocery store; this time I stayed in the fruits and veggies section of the store I stayed away from all the low calorie treats that I thought were helping me with my diet. To finally realize they were only harming my diet. I have decided to try to live an all-natural lifestyle now and eat more products that do not contain corn. I was amazed by all the cereals and boxed products that contain so much corn and soy. It also scares me that they are GMO as well. I have also decided that I will not be purchasing any meat at the grocery store ever again. I was in so much pain when I saw what type of chickens I was eating. I have heard wholefoods sells farm raised meat but it’s pricey, so I guess I am a vegetarian until I find good quality meat. I will eat can tuna I didn’t see anything bad about that in the movie, so I guess it will be a major staple in my diet. I am searching for local farmers markets I hope to find one. Since I love English muffins and were not about to touch the ones at the grocery store I found a recipe and made some they came out ok. It was my first time ever making bread goods are playing with dough. It was very interesting and challenging I think it will get easier as I keep practicing. If you guys have any tips please, please help me thanks. I am wondering have any of you seen the movie what were your thoughts on it? I encourage all you to see it.

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This is was very difficult and sticky, but I finally got a dough ball 🙂

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Finally got it in the dough took forever to take out with out a mess I am trying..

Food, Life, natural, english muffins

I know they look nothing like the English muffins at the grocery store, but at-least I know whats in them and they were tasty 🙂 10 points for trying!!! Yay!! LOl 🙂





It’s Getting To Hot

Good afternoon everyone I hope you guys are staying cool. I can defiantly say I am not it’s about 113 and getting hotter; the crazy part is we will have a “low” of 80 degrees tonight crazy right! I like to call these extreme temperatures death temps; staying hydrated is a must even while you’re in the house. Besides drinking lots of water and fusion water I had a sweet tooth. All I can say is yes I am SCREAMING for ICE CREAM! It’s hard to find delicious treats that are natural and healthy, but I was lucky enough to find some oh so delicious ice cream I can enjoy. When you are lactose intolerant, and watching your weight (no soy or almond dream for me) you really want that bang for your buck. So after spending hours in the grocery store and label checking; I finally found some yummy ice cream that is also a probiotic. It’s called Frozen Kefir. I decided to go with the strawberry kind. The ice cream was yummy it is very tangy. I can say it taste like a tangy version of strawberry yogurt. I would try it again its sweet not to sweet very satisfying, and no after taste which I love. It’s also 90 calories for a half a cup! I hope everyone is keeping cool and staying hydrated :).

Kefir,Probiotic,Healthy, Food,Ice cream, Yogurt , Fozen Kefir

Kefir,Probiotic,Healthy, Food,Ice cream, Yogurt , Fozen Kefir

Kefir,Probiotic,Healthy, Food,Ice cream, Yogurt , Fozen Kefir

Even the ice cream can’t take this heat 🙂