Weight Update

Today work out was with 20 pound weights! Yes my weights came yesterday! What a killer work out I had today. I am amazed that I went from 12.5 to 20 pounds it is a struggle, but I think in about 4-6 weeks I will get be able to move up. I was only able to do about 5 reps of bicep curls, triceps press, hammer curls, and my failed attempt at lateral raises. I am so pump to be able to do more. I am still working on my up- and down planks I am getting better, but I hope to be able to do ten straight through. After my excruciating workout I had breakfast. It was simple I had a half a cup of oatmeal with banana, date syrup, and one boil egg.

Well let’s talk about my surprise that came with my weights yesterday. I got three packages two I was not expecting at all; apparently I have become a storage facility for my sister. I guess she has nowhere to keep her junk so she ships it to me. My townhouse is pretty small so I have no clue where I am going to put these two boxes. I guess I am going to half to unpack all of it. That’s not including the three boxes she ship to me a year ago. Her excuse was she is no longer on the east coast so she does not need winter clothes. I wish she would just stay at one school, but I guess the school she was at was not challenging so I get boxes with her stuff. I just hope I get no more boxes for a very long time.


Very affordable Just how I like it 🙂


So happy its over..

Life, Blogging

My weekend is now dedicated to finding space for her junk, so much for my weekend.. 🙂

Life, Blogging

See the cheese grater I cant throw it away apparently it holds value :)..


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