Whip it up Breakfast

Well apparently someone ate the rest of my failed attempt at sugar free granola bars.. I know it wasn’t me I guess it was my other half.. Hmmm.. I guess they were not that bad just not food porn approved. Well I have nothing to eat for breakfast so I half to whip something up pretty quick and in a hurry. I loved this breakfast because it was yummy, low in calories, and very healthy. It only took five minutes and had limited ingredients.I am surprise what you could come up with in less than five minutes when you have no time and half to hurry up and go. What to do with broccoli, half an onion, chili pepper, and an egg. Hmm.. I think I will make a veggie breakfast taco!

Today work out was sprints I am really trying to get with the program on sprints. I went for about 17 minutes I am getting better. I may half to do some more research on sprints; they seem effective in getting my heart rate up. I guess I will continue to do them twice a week for four weeks and see if I get some great results.

Well my weights did not come yesterday hopefully they will be here when I get home. If not I am not going to be a happy camper it seems that I go way to excited I guess that’s what delayed their arrival.

Fitness, Food, Health

Only four ingredients its time to chop and dice.. Can you tell the broccoli is dying.. I will add a little bit of olive oil and Sauté.

Fitness, Food, Health

I added a 2 teaspoons of salt, chilli powder, cumin, and coriander..

Fitness, Food, Health

Best cheese ever if your lactose intolerant.. I swear this cheese had so much flavor…

Fitness, Food, Health

Wow! So much food with so little ingredients.. I only used one tortilla..


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