Have you had your Calcium Today?

Well yesterday was the last day of class and we got are final grades today. My nutrition professor recommended that I started taking a calcium supplement. Mostly because she felt my calcium intake was too low. I explained to her that I was lactose intolerant and I can’t have dairy. I guess she thought I was giving her some sort of excuse because the next thing I knew she hand me a piece of paper, and told me she wanted me to go and list five calcium rich foods. I wanted to say no but how do you say no to an R.D.? Well let’s just say I will be adding a couple of calcium rich foods to my diet starting today!

My list of Calcium Rich foods:
1. Dates
2. Dried Figs
3. Oranges
4. Kiwi
5. Kale
6. Broccoli
7. Spinach
8. Cabbage
9. Sweet potatoes
10. Shallots

I will be adding all of these calcium rich foods to my diet next week. The reason why I picked these ten are because they are easy for me to find at the grocery store, and they are also very affordable when you are on a budget. Easy and affordable you can’t beat that. My professor also talked to be about considering a path to becoming a R.D; she felt I had a passion for nutrition and I should pursue it as a career. I never thought about how much I have learned from the course I have taken; and how excited I felt from what I was learning. I put all I had in to my nutrition course so maybe I should consider a path in nutrition. I really don’t know if I should I don’t want to spend another year in community college when I should be starting my early childhood major next year. Well I could do both but school can be a drag sometimes.


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