Plank Affair

This morning seems to be really crazy.. In the afternoon I am going to take finals for all my summer classes. I was up most of the night studying and still manage to get some sleep in. I did not want to get up but I am a morning person, and I love working out in the morning. My theory is if you get it done in the morning you have the rest of the day to plan. Today was a toning workout and the planks are killing me; I tried up and down planks for the first time today, and I could only do about five and they were a killer for my tummy. After this exercise every five seconds I felt like I had to suck my tummy in and keep it in. I think I am having a love affair with planks at this moment even though they are the death of me for the moment when I am doing them.
Breakfast was pretty light I made granola bars or tried to make granola bars yesterday. They look more like a moist granola cake that attempt did not got to well, so I had some of it for breakfast with a banana and boil egg; it was yummy it was sugar free but then I add chocolate chips to the batter they were dairy free. I am wondering since I added chocolate chips to the batter does that not make my granola bars sugar free? I don’t know but I did not add any other sweeteners except my date syrup. I tried to make date syrup which was just dates and cornstarch that was a bust; I think I added to much water. I also added dry figs, and chopped dates. I also added carrots I am trying to get rid of all the carrots so many carrots they are almost gone. My new weights are coming today yay!!! I am hoping they will be here later they should be I can’t wait!!!

Food, Healthy

The egg was still boiling.. Even the food is smiling 🙂 up beat morning.

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