Date Syrup Take #1

I had dinner early which was some lentil soup with coconut milk and curry powder. It was very yummy. In my attempt to use less sugar in my diet I decided to make date syrup I thought it was going to be interesting to try. Well let’s just say I think I made Date pudding it tasted more like caramel sauce. It was good but it was not what I was expecting. The color was kinda funky it looked like apple sauce cooked in a cast iron skillet.. I guess I should try it in some of my dishes as an alternative to honey or sugar and see what they taste like with the syrup. I may half to try and make it again and use less water and see what results I come up with. I also think it could have been the dates I used the only dates they had at the store. The dates are called deglet dates. They did not have any medjool dates at all and let’s just say I looked for a very long time. The dates were sweet like caramel candy so of course I had a spoonful after dinner.

deglet dates

I ate one it was like candy 🙂

deglet dates

The day before

deglet dates

The day after

Date Syrup take 1

This is all I got

Date Syrup take 1

Now its time for me to make it look sexy 🙂

Date Syrup take 1

Food Porn attempt 🙂

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