Wakame! Not Kelp Noodles

Lately I have been hearing and reading a lot about kelp noodles, and all the benefits that they carry so I have been dying to get some. I love all things natural and unprocessed especially when it comes to food so of course I would want to try some. Kelp noodles are just like shirataki noodles they have zero calories; the difference is kelp noodles are made of seaweed and that’s where the health benefits come from. I have been dying to try them so of course I went to the grocery store, and asked them about kelp noodles they looked at me puzzled. I went to the local Asian grocery store spent an hour looking for kelp noodles. I tried to ask the workers but that was a failed attempt they looked at me like I was crazy. I am guessing that was because they did not have a clue what I was saying. Well after running around and much deliberation I picked up what I thought was kelp noodles but apparently they were not. I picked up a bag of Wakame which is in the seaweed family. It is from Japan and Korea and I have no clue what to do with it. I should rephrase that I have no clue how to cook it or what to cook it with. That sounds about right! Well I hope to find some tasty recipe soon. When I first open the packaged it smelled horrible! It didn’t smell like dead fish but it came pretty close. The seaweed was pretty dry I guess that’s when I finally realized they were not kelp noodles. I guess nothing to me to read the package before I purchased the seaweed. I am looking forward to getting creative with the Wakame.



Well no calories is good 🙂


They don’t look like kelp noodles.. What was I thinking?? I guess I was excited and desperate..


Its suppose to swell up I will half to see about that…


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