Killer Sprints

Today I started to do sprints… Yay for sprints I guess I was not prepared for an all-out heart attack, but that’s what I felt like I was having from fast pace running. My time was 12 minutes my goal was 20 minutes, so I think I was pretty close to accomplishing my goal. I just could not do anymore sprints I am not use to my heart going that fast unless I am riding my bike. Speaking of bikes I am still searching Craigslist I do not believe all hope is lost. Well I have decided to do sprints twice a week and I do them in the living room. Who says you can’t do sprints in your house I did and I didn’t knock anything over. Well Tuesday breakfast has no photos I just had a banana and rice puff cereal I had two bowls with some homemade almond milk. I guess I will get a lot of exercise today; probably because I am running from mosquitos and chasing them with a bug zapper. I am literally on pins and needles hoping not to get bit. I hope I can get them all before it is time to go to work. They are very sneaky and small but I will zap away.


3 thoughts on “Killer Sprints

  1. Sprints !?! Yikes! Not for me. :). You might want to consider wearing a heart monitor, when I get to that point it shocks me how high my rate gets….it’s not a zone they want to visit often. Great cardio though!

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