Get Going

How I love to eat oats but on the other hand it can be very bland and since I had a big bag of carrots I decided to make carrot granola. I was surprised how yummy and addicting the granola was. It was not hard but it was not soft either. I love carrot granola and I think I am hooked I made a big batch for the work week. I half to share this recipe with you guys when I make it this weekend.. I also made vegetarian breakfast burritos that were so delicious. I added eggs potatoes and beans I made them for him to take in the morning for work. I have decided to prepare most of our meals on the weekend for the rest of the week ahead. Since I have been doing this it has made things a lot easier.I am so ready for the work week to get going.
My boyfriend finally asked are we going vegetarian again. I was a vegetarian before we go together and we were vegetarians for a year; before he got really sick and the doctor told him that he needed animal protein. I guess he is concern since there has not been any meat in are diet for a couple of weeks. I am still looking for local grass-fed meat before I decide to purchase any online. I think I should try local first I may get a better deal on prices. Today workout was toning for twenty minutes and since I ride my bike to work I get my cardio in every day. I am still doing planks I am also starting to do plank variations as well. I would say that plank variations are killing me.

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Today’s breakfast.. I also made the almond milk as well. It was much cheaper…






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