Morning Breakfast

Hello Everyone,
I feel much better today I have officially gotten my appetite back, and I am back to my old usual self. One of my ears still has a ringing but I am hoping it will go away soon. I will have a big bowl of oatmeal I have been craving oatmeal lately and cannot wait to dig in. Today’s workout will be yoga I need a really good stretch since I have been down and out for the past few days. I also found three big bags of shredded carrots in that fridge that I have no clue what to do with. Apparently someone went on a carrot spree while I have been sick.
I am also going to be on the lookout for some all natural lotions for you guys. I have not forgotten about your emails. I cannot wait to get out and get some much needed sunshine.

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Almond milk on top yum


4 thoughts on “Morning Breakfast

  1. It’s OK…the only one I have tried though. So do your research and consider buying used. You may be able to borrow one and try it…library? Honestly, I do not enjoy doing computer fitness….but the yogo is good for me to stretch and stuff.

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