Morning Workout Snack

Morning Workout Snack

Pears, Grapes, and Cherries Love summer fruit 🙂






Today seems to be one of those busy days were I am just on the go. I had my morning workout snack and after I did my workout I had breakfast. Yes breakfast what’s not any meat. This has been pretty easy for me not to eat me I thought it would be hard, but it wasn’t I wonder if I will have with draws from not eating meat. Sometimes I don’t eat in the morning before my work out and I have less energy.

I had just the right amount of energy and finished my workout in an upbeat mood.  Of course my breakfast was premade. It really makes things so easy for me to get up and get going. What do you guys do to get your energy up in the morning before a workout? Do you have an early morning workout snack? Let me know.

Bicycle Update: My Boyfriend saw my bike on craigslist and of course not thinking decides to call the guy, and let’s just say he was very hotheaded about the situation. Next thing I know the ad was taking down and we have not seen it on craigslist yet! I have faith it will pop up again.  This all transpired last night of course I was nowhere to be found. I have a funny feeling it will pop up again I hope J


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