Start the Day Right

Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope everyone got up to start the workweek, you better believe I wasn’t I wanted to stay in bed in extra 10 minutes. I got up and started with my early morning strength training for 25 minutes. I am going to start planking everyday my time now is 30 seconds each day I will add one second everyday.

My morning breakfast was a little different today I usually have a bowl of oatmeal and go, but today I had my English muffins I paired them with banana and peanut butter. Who says you need meat on your muffins it was yummy without it. The muffins were kind of thin and fell apart, but next time I make them I will add something to make them fluffy. I also had some yummy mint tea it was very refreshing. This is how to start the day.

Fitness, fit, food, LIfe

Protein, Fat, Carb, Fruit. Complete 🙂


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