Drink Coconut Water

It’s been so hot and humid good grief will this heat ever let up!! When I checked my phone this morning it was 117! Omg I think it’s time for me to move into the freezer until October. So tell me are you excited to be Naked because I know I am; for drinking coconut water of course :).

Drink coconut water

Drink coconut water

I live at the grocery store now, ever since Saturday and it takes me forever since I read through almost every label. When I found coconut water I was just coming home from work, and needed something to drink since all my water was gone. Normally I would have gotten a low calorie Vitamin water, but all those ingredients that I could not read and the serving size is double. I went for the safe choice. I fell in love it’s like an alternative to water (hence the name) it’s refreshing and quenches your thirst. I love coconut water I found another alternative to regular water and fusion water yay!! The bonus is its very high in potassium and I have been working on getting my potassium levels up since they are pretty low. It comes from the young thai coconut and I am looking for one, so I can compare them and see which one trumps in taste. I am on a quest to find a young thai coconut. I hope they have some at my local grocery store I am on the lookout.. 🙂  This was only 60 calories.

Drink coconut water

Drink coconut water 🙂






I also wanted to show you my dinner Its been cooking in the crock pot all day..

Meatless Monday

who says you need meat I think not.. 🙂


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