New Look on Food`

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Nutrition and working out is one in the same and I finally understand that. It has been a major roller-coaster for me and I think it is becoming even more interesting as I go. I don’t know if many of you have heard of the movie Food Inc. (yeah I know I am late). This movie blew my mind and kept me up all night it really disturbed me. I am very compulsive as many of you know and I sometimes do things without thinking; yesterday was one of those nights after watching the movie I decided to throw everything out of my fridge and start all over. Which lead to another trip to the grocery store; this time I stayed in the fruits and veggies section of the store I stayed away from all the low calorie treats that I thought were helping me with my diet. To finally realize they were only harming my diet. I have decided to try to live an all-natural lifestyle now and eat more products that do not contain corn. I was amazed by all the cereals and boxed products that contain so much corn and soy. It also scares me that they are GMO as well. I have also decided that I will not be purchasing any meat at the grocery store ever again. I was in so much pain when I saw what type of chickens I was eating. I have heard wholefoods sells farm raised meat but it’s pricey, so I guess I am a vegetarian until I find good quality meat. I will eat can tuna I didn’t see anything bad about that in the movie, so I guess it will be a major staple in my diet. I am searching for local farmers markets I hope to find one. Since I love English muffins and were not about to touch the ones at the grocery store I found a recipe and made some they came out ok. It was my first time ever making bread goods are playing with dough. It was very interesting and challenging I think it will get easier as I keep practicing. If you guys have any tips please, please help me thanks. I am wondering have any of you seen the movie what were your thoughts on it? I encourage all you to see it.

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This is was very difficult and sticky, but I finally got a dough ball 🙂

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Finally got it in the dough took forever to take out with out a mess I am trying..

Food, Life, natural, english muffins

I know they look nothing like the English muffins at the grocery store, but at-least I know whats in them and they were tasty 🙂 10 points for trying!!! Yay!! LOl 🙂






6 thoughts on “New Look on Food`

  1. I haven’t watched Food Inc. (basically because I’m too sensitive), but I really struggle with eating meat as well. Not only does it make me feel unwell physically, I feel morally horrible for eating animals because I believe cows, chickens, pigs and fish to be beautiful creatures with feelings, just like my two cats. I try to have as little meat in my diet as possible because of those two things – it can be difficult, but definitely worth it. =)

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