Taking Control of my Portions

Since I have started this journey there has been a few bumps in the road; however I have remained on track and have been doing great. I have slimmed down but my calories seem to go up and down. I have notice that I am having a problem with my portions, I usually go back for seconds and thirds. I am over-eater I am not ashamed it’s who I am; bigger seems to always be better, but lately it is becoming a problem and hindering my weight loss. I need to learn how to control my portions. It’s so hard when you love to eat. My supporters on calorie count have been giving me good ideas. Drinking water or eating a salad before I eat dinner which seems to be my favorite meal.

I have to admit something I am a compulsive eater I tend to eat even when I am full. It scares me that my compulsive eating has consumed me most of my life. I am a little bit older now and I am taking control of my health, so I am determined to not let this be a burden on my life. I feel at this point now it is not what I am eating it is how much I am eating, so I am determine to control my portions. I know this will be a challenge for me, but my cc family is always there to give me the encouragement I need. So my pledge to my self: I am not going to eat when I am full and only when I feel hungry :).


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