Couldn’t Wait

I got up extra early to get ready for work that’s a first because most of the time I dread going, but today was different for me. I just couldn’t wait until Monday so I decided to ride my bike to work today and boy oh boy was it great! I did get a comfortable bike to ride to work. It has a cute little bell although when I do use it no one ever hears it :). I think it’s a guy’s bike but it was affordable so I got it. I am happy I rode it to work it was amazing and not as bad as I thought it would be. I am excited to overcome my fear. I guess from now on I can do this every day and know I am burning more calories.

Red Lentils and English Cucumbers 🙂

This is my yummy lunch I ate for today and it was yummy. I also brought some of my mint tea that I love drinking so much. It kept me full all day I was pretty shock, but my goal is not to go back for seconds especially since I end up going back for thirds. I am watching my portions so it has been helping me by not packing extras for lunch.