New Best Friend, and Bicycle Progress

Oh how I love you oatmeal… You have gotten me through some tough times these few months. When I am hungry I turn to you when I am baking a sweet treat you are always there… How can you ever get boring? Well as you may know oatmeal is my new BFF 🙂 . However my early morning favorite meal sometimes my lunch, snack, and dinner can be kind of bland. What’s a girl to do with her favorite low calorie filling treat. Over the next few weeks in order for me to stay on the right track I am going to find new and delicious ways to spice up my best friend. Oatmeal has been a wonderful way for me to stay full during the day and curb my cravings; especially when I am starving and looking in the cabinets for a snack and there is nothing I want to eat, so I just grab my handy dandy oatmeal. 🙂

     Well enough about me and my best friend. I have been riding my bicycle almost every day this week and I am in love. I am thinking about riding my bike almost everywhere I go now. It will become my new form of transportation to run errands; I am also thinking about riding my bike to work as well. The ride won’t be so bad if I do decide to ride to work. The only problem is the weather would be so unbearable at almost 110 degrees every day, but I am determine so like the old saying goes when there’s a will there’s a way and I will find away. 🙂 !