Sunny, Burning Calorie, Weekend

This weekend was amazing weekend to take a ride aside from it being eighty degrees at seven in the morning. It was still a nice day to go for a ride, so that’s what I did I rode my bicycle. My goal is to do at least eight miles every weekend for a month. Once I have mastered eight miles; I want to move up to fifteen then twenty and so on. The ride was so much fun however I did struggle in the beginning the weather was getting warmer and I was sweating like a pig!!! I had only ridden six miles and I did want to give up, but something just kept pushing me and I kept going until I made it to the eighth mile :). I guess I could do a few more miles every weekend but this is something new for me, so I am taken it one step at a time. However I am enjoying a new way to exercise. Sometimes running and aerobics in the house can get so boring looking at the walls that never move. I am so happy to find a fun and new way to burn more calories and check out the lovely scenery.

Showing off my weight lifting progress.. 🙂

Sun is so blinding me but off I go for my ride. Capturing the scenery while riding love it when its sunny 🙂