Life Style Change

So I have decided to take myself on a weight loss journey through calorie counting and nutrition. I am learning a lot about nutrition since I am taking a nutrition course. I love, love, love food but, I never consider counting calories are taking a nutrition class… I wonder if I will lose any weight. Many people don’t consider me fat because I have a large frame, but when I look in the mirror and my jeans won’t fit, and the BMI calculations in my nutrition class are telling me I am at a 35 MORBIDLY OBESE it is time for a CHANGE!. So I guess I am on a quest for a lifestyle change!! My stats now are: 230 pounds,Hips 44 inches, Waist 35 inches, and Bust 40 inches. So I will do research on ways to burn more calories and eating nutrient dense foods! Wish me luck!!


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